Education Advocate and ConsultantBetsy W. Cooke, MEd, CAS, is an Advocate and Educational Consultant for children with learning disabilities on the North Shore, Massachusetts.

  • Experienced, certified K-8 Teacher and Reading Specialist
  • Cognitive Skills Assessor and Brain Trainer
  • Orton-Gillingham Associate Instructor
  • Formal and Informal Assessments
  • Home Tutor

A classroom teacher for 20+ years in public and private schools, nationally and internationally, kindergarteners to 8th graders, I have seen children thrive where good education exists.  I have also seen its opposite – with devastating consequences for a child’s self-esteem and future potential.

Good education is really a matter of the best fit – where your child is happy and engaged and his/her individual needs are being addressed effectively by caring and competent professionals with access to an efficient program.  This type of education is available to all children.

For parents, having support for children with special needs in the pubic school system can be critical. Knowing what are the best programs and services available, what are the expected short and long term outcomes, and what timely, procedural actions are needed in this process with a school district etc., requires a lot of knowledge. In addition, it is really essential to know your rights and the laws governing the Independent Education Program (IEP) process as you navigate your way.  An advocate can support and guide you through the process.

Parents all have different needs. Some parents need immediate answers as they delve into the unfamiliar territory of a particular special need.  At other times, parents may just need  specific support and information as they are self-advocating, or, other parents may need a full consult with organizational plans, a full series of professional assessments and referrals and representation at an IEP Team meeting.

Whatever the specific needs are for you and your child, I can work at that level.

My 20+ years experience includes:

  • PK-8 experience as Teacher and Reading Specialist  (K-12) – dually certified
  • Education Advocacy trained through the Federation For Children With Special Needs and Wright’s Law
  • Orton-Gillingham Associate
  • Formal and Informal assessments
  • Cognitive Skills Assessor and Brain Trainer – assess and correct deficits in baseline cognitive skills such as working memory and processing speed. Program has empirical research and guaranteed results.

My experience brings the knowledge of the details to look for as we review your child’s files as well as appropriate suggestions and actions that fit along side the federal laws of IDEA.

The first 1/2 hour consultation is always without charge.