Advocate and Educational Consultant, Betsy Works provides individualized services for you that are tailored to your particular child and situation, including:  

Supporting & Educating Parents

    • understanding your rights and options for your child with special needs in public school
    • consulting with you on your child’s particular disability needs
    • targeting appropriate assessments, services, observations and methodologies
    • deliberating on strategies that create a smart Independent Educational Plan (IEP)
    • organizing a user-friendly, at home system for parents to stay on top of timely, required procedural actions
    • promoting and empowering parent self-advocacy through sharing of resources and self-education materials


Assessing your Child’s Specific Case

    • compiling and reviewing all your child’s educational records
    • interpreting and evaluating assessments
    • recommending appropriate measures, assessments, and observations needed
    • observing your child in the school environment
    • visiting educational placement sites


Advocating for your Child with Learning Disabilities in the Public School System

    • attending IEP Team meetings and/or other school related meetings
    • collaborating with parents in IEP strategies to assure best short term and long term results
    • guiding the IEP process in adherence to legal requirements and terms of the Independent Education Plan (IEP)
    • negotiating with IEP Team to construct a smart and efficient IEP of services and goals
    • attending to school personnel through telephone, email or written communication
    • strategizing to build positive communication tools for parent and child relationships with the school personnel and IEP team members.


Other Educational Support Services for Children with Learning Disabilities

    • Formal and Informal Assessments
    • Home Tutoring in all subjects
    • Orton-Gillingham training
    • Cognitive Skills Assessment and Brain Training: correcting deficits in
      – memory
      – processing speed
      – auditory & visual processing
      – logic & reasoning                              
      – results are guaranteed

Betsy Works is based on the North Shore